Our Production Expertise

we have a clear comprehending of quality and hygiene aspects, therefore, we use the superior quality milk and other ingredients to make the products. We formulate our products Ghee, Butter, Buttermilk Powder, White Butter, etc., in the clean and hygiene surroundings. Additionally, all the machines and equipment that are used in the preparation of these products are properly washed as well as cleaned. Simply put, we take care of each aspect to provide the best quality products to our clients spread across worldwide.

Our Specialization

We have curated an aura of faith, quality and reliability around our organization, which is not merely account of the stellar array of dairy products offered by us, but also due to the exceptional services and perks that accompany them. Given below are a few noteworthy factors that are associated with our organization:

  • Manufactured underneath supervision of nutritionists
  • Vacuum sealed to avert entry of contaminants
  • Accessible in a number of sizes to suit convenience
  • Swift delivery of the consignments
  • Flexible modes of payment (cash, cheque, dd, online, etc)
  • Translucent dealings & no hassle approach to collaboration

Confirmed Quality “ An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Health is beyond doubt the real wealth. We make sure that only the finest quality ingredients/ materials enter the body system and direct to visible energy boost and health benefits. To ensure the same, we source our batch of milk straight from farms after rigorous analysis of composition and possible infestation by microorganism, and if found, are straight out discarded so that health of clients is not jeopardized underneath any circumstances. Thereafter, essential treatments such as pasteurization is done under sterile as well as aseptic conditions, prior to being processed and turned in desired forms like Ghee, Butter Milk Powder, Butter, etc., and then wrapped accordingly in sealed units to preserve their freshness and avert pathogenic contamination.

Importance of Dairy Products

comprising vitamins and minerals. Dietary practices are accepted all around the globe on a daily basis. Salutary for children and adolescents, the offered products by us are rich in biological value proteins and consist of the most significant dietary source of calcium. These nutrients facilitate in maintaining and strengthening the healthy teeth as well as bones throughout lifespan. Applicable for dairy industry, offered fresh dairy items like Ghee, Butter Milk Powder, White Butter, etc., stand as the excellent sources of calcium and various other essential nutrients.

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